Product Description :We make sure to prioritize your skin first while making our luxurious blend of henna paste. The paste contains an array of organic sugars; skin suitable essential oils, a blend of black tea and finely milled henna powder. The ingredients ensure ease in application and a dark, long-lasting stain . All cones are [...]


Product Description : This henna finishing spray will seal and protect your henna for a longer-lasting and darker stain! A finishing spray is essential (especially for the brides out there) because it will lock in all of the moisture so the henna can achieve its full stain capacity. The great thing is, once you've locked in your henna, you don't have to worry about any henna flaking off! You're free to use your hands and continue about your day!


Product Description : Buy our henna paste in bulk and save more! Now you can fill your henna cones to your liking, whenever you need them! Make sure to pick up some of our pre-rolled cones. This combo will ensure a smooth flowing henna cone that you can keep in your freezer for up to [...]


Product Description : Our hair quality henna powder is one of the finest powders that can be found on the market. Henna powder not only conditions and strengthens your hair, but can also tint your hair to a nice chestnut (a medium red shade of brown) color. This is the perfect alternative to chemical hair [...]


Product Description : You can fill your own henna paste in these perfectly sized pre-rolled cones. Each one comes with a pin so you can seal and preserve your custom henna blend!


Product Description : Our henna powder is all-natural and triple sifted to ensure smoothness in your henna paste. This henna powder can transform both into a creamy paste and an elastic paste depending on how much water is added to the powder. Each pack contains 100grams of henna powder. 100 grams of powder can make [...] fiyat