An easy to follow recipe for beginners:

  • 100 grams of henna powder
  • 30 grams of sugar, Add more if you want a very stringy and elastic paste but this is a good amount to first begin with.
  • 30 ml of essential oil, Be specific about what essential oil you use. This will be what really makes your stain come to life.
  • 175ml water, This is just an approximation. Add more or less as the paste’s consistency comes to your liking!

Tips for a dark and long lasting stain:

  • A good paste and proper after care are crucial for the best stain! You came to the right place to find a high quality paste but now we have to focus on after care!
  • Apply henna about 2 days before your event. Henna naturally takes at least 36 hours to mature and fulfill its staining capacity. 
  • Apply your henna at a time when you know you can leave it on for hours! Henna needs to be left to set for at least 5 hours (that’s the bare minimum). For an extremely dark stain, cover henna with some medical grade/breathable tape and sleep on it. 
  • After your henna application is finished and had had a few minutes to dry a simple concoction of lemon juice and sugar will prevent the henna from flaking off, therefore ensuring a dark stain. Mix equal parts sugar and lemon and dab the liquid lightly with cotton. 
  • Lastly, when taking off your henna avoid using water at all costs. Good alternatives are oil (coconut oil is cost effective and easily available) and olive oil. You can also just flake of the henna yourself. Finish off with a balm to seal and protect your beautiful stain!
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